scones and cakes

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  • 4 ozs. fresh butter
  • 2 ozs. castor sugar
  • 5 ozs. flour
  • 1½ ozs. rice flour


Mix flour and rice flour on board. Place butter and sugar together and knead til butter takes in sugar. Gradually work in flour and rice flour, and knead til smooth. Roll out fairly thick. Form into rounds and prick with fork. Bake rather slowly and leave in tin to cool a little before lifting.

Cut in three for small afternoon cakes and divide each piece in eight.

Cinnamon biscuits

Same recipe as shortbread but with ½ tea-spoon ground cinamon added to mixture. Ct in small rounds and spread one with cinnamon icing and stick another against it, or stick them with jelly and ice top with walnut stuck in centre. Cinnamon icing is just royal icing with ground cinnamon added to colour.

Cinnamon biscuits are nice singly, with top iced and strewn with hundreds and thousands.